Pediatric Eye Exams

Early childhood development is particularly important for eyesight and how your child will see the world for an entire lifetime. Starting at about six months old, your child should undergo his or her first comprehensive eye exam to ensure proper eye health and development. Such early pediatric eyecare requires a qualified optometrist capable of accurately assessing your young child’s developing eyesight. Our specialists at Monroe Family Eyecare can help ensure that your child’s eyesight develops properly.


What Pediatric Eyecare Does

Your newborn grows and develops fastest during that first couple of years. Your child’s developing eyesight will have very long-lasting effects throughout his or her life. Pediatric eye care helps to ensure your child develops proper eyesight that involves the following:

  • Each eye moves and responds properly
  • Both eyes work in tandem
  • Provides excellent visual acuity
  • Focuses accurately and comfortably

The idea behind pediatric eye care is to give your child the best chance at seeing clearly with the best possible vision while his or her body undergoes rapid development.

What Early Childhood Eye Exams Involve

The first eye exam that your family eye doctor performs will include a standardized eye chart that compares your child’s eyes to normal development at that age. Your child clearly will not read off the letters for at least a couple more years.

Your eye doctor can determine the level of visual clarity, check how well the eyes are working together as a team, and generally assure the parent that all is well. Early childhood is also the best time to spot any potential vision issues that can be addressed. If the eyes are not working as a team, some simple eye exercises might be all that it takes to help the eyes to develop correctly and provide the best vision.

Do Not Overlook Early Eye Development

While many parents understand the need for their infant to see the family doctor, many overlook the need to ensure correct eye development. Ignoring the benefits your family eye doctor can provide might have truly lasting effects on your child’s eyesight. Don’t take any chances with your child’s eye development, call Monroe Family Eyecare today at (845) 783-1224. We will provide a full eye exam and determine if any additional steps are needed to give your child the best chance at a lifetime of clear vision.

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