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Family Eye Care Services Ensure a Clear Future

Your eyes need proper care from birth through your elderly years to ensure the best possible vision and eye health throughout your life. Monroe Family Eyecare provides a full suite of family eye care services that can help you, your spouse, or your infant, teen, or young adult maintain perfect vision for as long as possible. Good vision greatly improves your chances of living a happy and fulfilling life while also providing one for your family.


Early Childhood and Adolescent Eye Care Services

A lifetime of sharp vision begins when infants reach about six months and pediatrics enables the first real eye assessment. We can establish a starting point with a full diagnostic eye exam of your infant to get a baseline for his or her vision development throughout childhood and well into adulthood. Early childhood services provided by your eye doctor can involve eye exercises to help maintain good vision while your child is growing and developing.

Corrective Lenses and LASIK Sharpens the Focus

The 21st century offers many great ways to correct blurry vision that did not exist a century ago. From high-definition framed lenses to contacts and incredibly fast and pain-free LASIK corrective surgery and more, almost anyone can enjoy the benefits of 20/20 vision. Our family eye care services can provide the most effective corrective measures that work best for eyes at a particular stage of development. LASIK, for example, only works on adults with fully developed eyes and enough corneal tissue to fine-tune the focal point.

Get Sports Vision Protection

Participating in sports and other extracurricular activities are great ways to develop a young body and learn to socialize. If your son or daughter is especially talented and works hard, he or she might master a sport or skill that leads to a college scholarship or more. Family eye care services help to protect your child's eyes and enhance their sports vision with prescription eyeglasses, contacts, or LASIK surgery to sharpen vision and maximize their performance potential.

Schedule Family Eye Exam Services Today

When you need a good family optometrist in Monroe, our highly experienced eye care professionals at Monroe Family Eyecare are here to provide quality eye care. Call us at (845) 783-1224 or you can use our online scheduler to pick the day and time for you or a family member to receive an eye exam and take the next step toward a lifetime of vision clarity. We are open six days a week and have state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to correctly assess your vision and provide the best solutions when any eye health problems arise.


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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

    Dr. Siegal takes a lot of time with each patient. You don't feel like you are just a 'chart'. He explains everything and answers all questions thoroughly. His staff is always friendly and professional. This time I was getting glasses also and his staff took time to help me make the right decisions and also offered helpful opinions.

    Great experience! I work in the city and get home late, so having Saturday hours and some late weekday hours is so helpful. Everyone was very nice and answered any questions I had. Definitely coming back for annual eye exams.

    The whole experience was great. Everyone I dealt with was so pleasant & helpful. Won’t go anywhere else now!