What Is the Best Age to Do LASIK?

What Is the Best Age to Do LASIK?

The right age to get LASIK will depend on a few different factors. There are some exceptions, but your eye doctor will likely recommend getting the procedure done between the ages of 25 and 40 years old.

LASIK Eye Surgery before 18 Years of Age

LASIK is only FDA approved for adults that are 18 and over. Your eye doctor may not even perform LASIK on you if you are under 18 years for many different reasons. Eyesight changes into early adulthood and the eyes themselves also tend to change. Many children won’t need the benefits of LASIK surgery in order to function.


In order to get the LASIK procedure, your vision needs to stabilize. Our optometrist in Monroe will need to review your previous eye exams and eye care to make sure that your prescription hasn’t changed a lot in the past year. It’s recommended that your prescription stay the same for two years before you get the procedure. Younger patients may benefit from LASIK surgery if their job or lifestyle requirements are hampered by the use of contact lenses. For example, if someone is interested in law enforcement, he or she may benefit from the procedure.

30s to 40s

This is the most popular time for the procedure. During this time, vision is stable and it’s likely you can afford treatment. Many eye doctors also find that during this age group, patients have an active lifestyle and don’t want a dependence on contact lenses and eyeglasses.

50s and Over

Your eyes will start to change around the age of 40 and many people this age will start to require reading glasses. Doctors do perform LASIK on older patients, but many of these patients choose to just have monovision. There are still plenty of benefits of getting LASIK at this age to not be hindered by glasses.

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